Crosswalk Barricades

How safe is it for pedestrians to walk? Whenever there’s incidence of traffic, optimal safety must be implemented.You’ll notice implementations, such as crosswalk markings, initiating driver awareness. However, time of day, visibility, and immediate speed need consideration as well; the number of lanes, driver speeds, and adequate lighting play roles in pedestrian and driver safety.Better preparation and detail to safety ensures all travelers and pedestrians maintain secure. Crosswalk barricades introduce an added layer of safety, lowering chances of collision, injury, and damage.

Increased visibility is the recipe to increased safety. Best practice at traffic crosswalks include:

  • Making crosswalks clear of visual obstructions (news racks, poles, trees/foliage)
  • Changing contours of street passageways, such as adding sight lines and curb extensions
  • Do a walk-through as a pedestrian. Is visibility obstructed by parked cars, trees, bus stops, etc? Ensure traffic safety is theoretically and practically set in place.

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