Folding Plastic Barricades

How many distractions tear modern-day drivers from proper focus? A number of them, including:

  • texting 
  • radio
  • advertisements
  • other drivers on the road

At least 23% of 2011 car accidents involved cell phones

It takes milliseconds for derailed attention to create disaster. Traffic safety implements keep drivers and pedestrians safe, alerting drivers of people and impediments to traffic flow, preserving the safety of people and property.

Just how prevalent is a lack of focus? Researchers from the University of Washington found texting pedestrians are four-times LESS VIGILANT at crosswalks; the texting process prolongs pedestrian passages across streets.

Drivers also suffer from lapses of attention. 86% of drivers admitted to eating while driving. 18% regularly send and receive texts while driving. 13% of drivers admitted to surfing the web while driving.

There’s more distractions including

  • combing hair
  • applying makeup
  • managing GPS devices

All of this in-car action and on-the-street distraction creates rifts in traffic safety. Implements, such as folding-plastic barriers beckon driver and pedestrian attention.