Plastic Drums

Drivers need to react fast, escaping injury and property damage. Traffic safety facilitates awareness

Managers and safety workers place safety drumsĀ where drivers need to be more alert, decreasing speeds, making drivers more alert for oncoming impediments such as severe curves, bad weather and conditions, etc.

Consider a few common scenarios:

  • Clogged roadways due to fallen trees, electrical or ‘live’ wires, or animal carcasses
  • Confusing and poorly-engineered intersections, those attracting high accident rates
  • Shoulder drop-offs, sudden shifts in roadway levels
  • Modified road conditions, such as iced bridges

The above and scores of other hazards warrant calls to action, alerting drivers of altered or difficult conditions. Moreover, proper signage and installation of plastic safety drums alert pedestrians of awkward and unsafe walking areas.

In proactive scenarios, such as parking lots, schools, department store promenades, etc., plastic drums remind drivers and pedestrians of particular holidays and times of year.

“The IIHS studied deaths resulting from auto accidents from 2005 to 2009 and ranked the July 4 as the deadliest day of the year, with 144 driving-related fatalities on average. Teens accounted for nearly 10% of the fatalities.”

Our plastic drum implements provide the peace of mind and road conditions proper traffic safety demands.