Reflective Rails

Reflective implementations revolutionized the traffic safety industry, introducing an effective method of getting drivers’ attentions, protecting them, others, and property from injury and damage.

What volume of traffic does your respective area in question host after nightfall?  The National Safety Council finds the likelihood of pedestrians being struck by vehicles increasing by 1100% after dark.

A simple, thumb-sized reflector makes dark-colored objects more visible from farther away than all-white implementations.

The advantages reflectors provide you:

  • Increased visibility of road obstacles
  • Reduced accidents, injuries, and property damage
  • Versatility of use and implementation (varied sizes)
  • Durability against wear and weather effects

How much time do motorists have to react?  Traffic safety implementations provide drivers with added safety, biding them more time to react to roadway conditions, other drivers, traffic barricades, and pedestrians.

Reflective safety devices dramatically increase visibility, facilitating reaction times.  A driver traveling 60 mph needs 260 ft to stop.   A Cornell University traffic study finds color affecting motorists sight and reactions, eliciting the following findings:

Drivers see the color(s) Black/Blue at 55 ft

  • Red 80
  • Yellow 120
  • White 180
  • Reflective 500+

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