Type 3 A-Cade Rail Holders

The US Department of Labor lists types of barricades and other safety implement necessary dimensions, with A-cade rail holders represented.

Safety managers and traffic workers seek A-frames due to versatility (The dimensions allow for implementation in a number of settings.) and durability (sand-filled frames withstand weather conditions and light contact.) Varied holes atop the high-visibility frames provide opportunity for traffic safety lights.

Where do safety experts suggest implementation? CNBC studied the top-deadliest cities due to traffic and car accidents. Birmingham, Alabama was fourteenth, with pedestrian fatalities accounting for 15% of traffic deaths.

Some endorsers of safety believe parking lots are the most-dangerous places around schools.

The National Highway Safety Administration in the report, “Traffic Safety Facts 2008: Pedestrians,” lists parking lots as the most common area for injuries to pedestrians under the age of 12.


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