Type I and II Barricades

From the official MUTCD site:

Type I or Type II barricades are for situations where traffic is maintained through the temporary traffic control zone, used singly or in groups to mark a specific condition, or they may be used in a series for channelizing traffic.

Type I barricades are used on conventional roads or urban streets and arterials. Type II barricades have more retroreflective area, intended for use on expressways and freeways or other high-speed roadways.

While most think of high-speed roadways in need of more safety, trained experts understand the demand for implementation in common roadways and arteries.

In alone, there were over, fatalities involving roadside objects such as trees and utility poles on U.S. roadways, accounting for more than % of the total fatalities for that year.

It’s important to use particular safety implements in proper setting. Type II designs offer more reflective strips, accounting for drivers traveling at higher speeds. In in-city settings, Type I barricades alert drivers of oncoming impediments; however, it also alerts pedestrians of the possibility of altered states of traffics and out-of-the-ordinary arrangements, which may take drivers longer to recognize.


Barricade Specs